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Designing for Impact, One Insight at a Time

As a seasoned CX and UX Design Leader, I've been instrumental in leveraging customer insights to imagine and craft captivating digital experiences that drive tangible business outcomes for some of the best brands in the world. 

Experience & Expertise

My time at different agencies has allowed me to work across most business sectors, wearing hats as both a digital Creative and CX/UX leader.
Over the past 7-8 years, I've been dedicated to nurturing my CX and UX leadership skills while actively growing UX practices within two agencies. This journey involved orchestrating in-depth research initiatives, developing strategic frameworks, and guiding teams toward powerful strategic and design solutions.
CX/UX activities I lead or handle myself:
Insights & Strategy

Situation Analysis

Ethnographic Studies

Customer/Stakeholder Interviews

Competitive Evaluation
Expert Evaluation

Content Audit
Site Analytics Analysis
Persona Development
Customer Journey Mapping

Service Mapping

Experience Strategy & Vision

Future Road

Experience Design

Information Architecture

Card Sorting
User Flows
Website Design

App Design

AI/Conversational Design
Usability Testing
A/B Testing
Architecture (Tree) Testing
Concept Testing

Accessibility Testing

Leadership & Collaboration

Growth Squad Leadership
Design Sprint Facilitation
Persona Workshop
Customer Journey Workshop
Roadmap Development

Prioritization Exercises
Account Planning
Project Scoping
Team Education and Mentorship
Pitch Strategy & Presentation

Grounded in a fusion of strategy, leadership, design thinking, and creativity, I'm passionate about turning ideas into impactful realities that resonate with users and elevate brand presence.

Principles I follow

  • Any CX or UX project I lead is affected by all the small decisions made across a multi-disciplinary team. No matter the skill set, everyone on a project can contribute to the design solution. During a project, I lead cross-functional teams by keeping everyone engaged and collaborating, staying focused on the user, the business goals, and the amazing outcomes we're all working toward. 

  • Experience design should go beyond meeting user needs and solving business problems. It should drive business growth, experience growth, and team growth. When leading teams, I try to mix typical design thinking and problem-solving with scientific methods to improve business metrics and create meaningful experiences that scale. 

  • Adopting a systems mindset moves helps our teams think beyond isolated interactions to consider the evolving relationships across a brand's digital ecosystem. This ensures we take a big-picture perspective on the complete user journey, to craft powerful connections between cross-channel touchpoints.

  • While vision and strategy set the course, it's the small yet significant design choices for things like button labels and micro-interactions that help build a successful experience. I lead by example with a deep attention to detail, down to the smallest bits, so the team understands the role each detail plays in the whole, and how to measure the details as part of optimizing the experience. 

  • Achieving a sustainable and scalable brand experience requires ongoing testing and data analysis to gauge the user impact and ROI of design solutions.  On my projects, I've been responsible for overseeing test strategy and planning and identifying the most relevant metrics to track, ensuring we unlock actionable insights for informed decision-making.

  • I actively encourage my teams to explore innovative CX and UX solutions, pushing them to go beyond established best practices., because the next groundbreaking interface or interaction is waiting to be discovered.

Building UX Practices

Founded global UX practices for two agencies, growing teams in three continents while shaping the approach, strategy, and vision.

Developing New UX Offerings

Created and launched six new go-to-market UX services for the agency, achieving a yearly 20% growth for UX practice.

Unlocked New Ways of Working

Expanded strategic and UX skillsets by introducing new approaches such as Ethnographic Research, Personas, Customer Journey Maps, and more achieving 100% adoption.

Staying Ahead with Tech

Spearheaded the research and agency adoption of new technologies like Miro, Figma, InVision, ChatGPT, and others within our agency, enhancing team productivity and efficiency.


Pioneered a "Growth Squad" collaboration model which has been embraced by some of our largest clients, fostering an iterative test and learn process to optimize their digital experiences.

Driving customer centricity

Developed an agency-wide CX/UX education program designed to instill customer-centric practices across all disciplines, leading to its widespread adoption throughout the agency.

Career highlights

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